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You are in the very best of hands. – Your highly specialised radiology team

DiVoCare is an innovative concept which was brought into being by Dr. med Christa Hutterer and Dr. Dr. med Richard Westhaus.

For both doctors the individual person and his/her health is the most important factor in their treatment. They use the latest state-of- the- art technology. The highly specialised team works with the most modern medical technology. In the field of diagnostics precision and experience are of vital importance.

Dr. med. Christa Hutterer

High-tech medicine and the human touch do not need to preclude each other, in fact medicine only becomes human when technology using high quality equipment and innovation are used.

  • Course of studies in physics and medicine and residency at the Ludwig Maximilian University and Technical University in Munich.
  • Specialist for diagnostic radiology and paediatric radiology, Specialist for general medicine, naturopathy and sports medicine.
  • 29 Years of professional experience in Germany and abroad e.g. The Children’s Hospital (Paediatric Neurosurgery) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.; Xavier University, Community Health Care Center, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.
  • Area of expertise: paediatric radiology

Dr. Dr. med. Richard Westhaus

“La radiologie, c’est la plaque tournante de la médicine” Prof. G. Léroux, Nancy (Radiology is the hub of medicine, i.e. without efficient diagnosis there can be no specific treatment.)

  • Course of studies in physics, chemistry and mathematics
  • 1974 – 1976
  • Studied medicine at the universities of Liege, Paris and Geneva 1976 – 1983
  • Training in internal medicine 1984 – 1986
  • Residency at the Ludwig Maximilian University – Großhadern Campus and City Hospital (Prof. Lissner) 1986 – 1991, Training in paediatric radiology Dr. von Hauner’s children’s hospital
  • Specialist for Radiology and Radiotherapy/Radiation Therapy ?, is a recognised expert for the professional association, the private health insurance association and in court. He has over 30 years of professional experience in Germany and abroad (Belgium, France, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Zaire).
  • Period of study in USA: New Orleans, Tulane University; San Diego, UCSD 1992
  • Chief physician at the Hospital Pfaffenhofen/Ilm 1992 – 1995
  • Establishment of Radiological Practice in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria with premises in Weilheim Hospital 1995 – 2005; 2000 Establishment of a surgery for Radiotherapy in Weilheim, Upper Bavaria.
  • Training in cardiac imaging at the Heart Institute, Berlin in cooperation with the Charite,Campus Benjamin Franklin.
  • Areas of expertise: neuroradiology, cardiac imaging, breast diagnostics, virtual colonography, musculoskeletal imaging, sports injuries.
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