Heart Attack

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Prevent Heart Attacks with DiVoCare

A heart attack does not have to be an inevitable stroke of fate, which occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. The causes of this life-threatening, acute condition can be detected at DiVoCare at a time when the occurrence of heart attack can be effectively prevented.

Journal of the American College of Cardiology

The Heart Attack Prevention Programme is recommended for anyone

  • For whom the use of a diagnostic cardiac catheter is planned. The examination using a heart catheter, with its accompanying risks, can be avoided using the most modern Computer Tomographical equipment.
  • Who suffers from atypical symptoms (Pain in the chest)
  • Who is between 45 and 65 years of age and belongs to the high-risk group for heart attacks because of their life-style or family history.

What is special about the Heart Attack Prevention Programme?

Calcium Score:

Our 64 multi-slice CT Unit can determine the degree of sclerosis/calcification in the coronary blood vessels. This so-called Ca- score is the sole factor which provides information as to how high the risk of an acute heart attack really is.

Impressively clear Pictures:

The pictures of the heart and its vascular system produced by our high-tech equipment cannot be surpassed in their clarity and in the information they provide.

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