Cardiac – MRI

The cardiac MRI, an examination that is both free of radiation and risk – free, is indispensable for the diagnosis of the pumping perfomance of the heart, valve function and blood circulation trough the cardiac muscle.

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Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging is recommended to

  • make a functional diagnosis of cardiac muscle and heart valves
  • make a diagnosis of cardiac perfusion. Images of myocardial blood flow at rest and under strain, the so-called stress – MRI, are produced with the aid of pharmacological substances. This is used to diagnose ischemia, especially narrowing of the coronary vessels (Angina pectoris). Images of high diagnostic quality depict areas of the cardiac muscle with reduced perfusion.
  • in case of inflammatory diseases of the cardiac muscle (myocarditis). MRI produces images of the muscle tissue of comparable quality

What is special about the cardiac MRI?

What is special about the cardiac MRI?

  • Maximum reliability of diagnosis
  • Our open high field scanner combines the advantages of high resolution morphological images of perfusion and contrast kinetics, both at rest and under strain.
  • The cardiac MRI is essential to produce images of inflammatory diseases of the cardiac muscle (myocarditis), the extent of the affected areas and the resulting functional limitations.

High resolution

An MRI scan produces exact images of the cardiac muscle with the respect to blood flow, perfusion and the wall motions of the heart. Scar tissue and inflammatory changes can be identified.

The cardiac MRI provides the best images to diagnose cases of cardiomyopathy.

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