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It goes without saying that we respect our patients’ wish to remain anonymous. I assure you that the texts below are genuine feedback from patients in the form of e-mails or are comments from public internet forums.

Dr. med Christa Hutterer

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“I discovered this new diagnostics centre by chance. My doctor had referred me there for an MRI. The premises radiate a great sense of well-being and light, and the assistant greeted me in a very friendly way. Unfortunately the MRI brought a very bad diagnosis to light for me. The head of the centre, Dr Hutterer, attended to me straight away in an exceptional way, with a great deal of empathy, and recommended a very good colleague/doctor to carry out my further treatment. The centre has access to a good network of doctors and contacts throughout Munich. At times you have to be patient, because you sometimes need to wait even if you have an appointment. But on the other hand they take time for you, advise you in detail, without hecticness and treat you kindly. If you are looking for a professional diagnosis this is the place for you, especially with respect to preventive health care.”


“I was won over by the professional approach during the detailed consultation before the diagnostic images were made. As a result, after one visit to the radiological surgery DiVoCare , they were able to make the right decisions about which examinations were necessary in order to make the final life-saving diagnosis. Further medical assistance with respect to therapy was unparalleled, and I was put in touch with excellent oncologists and surgeons. I was happy to be helped so quickly and competently at DiVoCare after such a long period of suffering.”


“Following a friend’s recommendation, I consulted Dr. Dr. R Westhaus at the Radiological Surgery, DiVoCare, because I was suffering from problems with my upper abdomen which were not responding to treatment. After a detailed consultation Dr. W decided to clarify the symptoms with a MRI using the 3.0 Tesla scanner. Because the surgery is so well-equipped, my tiny tumour was found at an early stage. Even the surgeon praised the excellent diagnostic work involved in assessing my medical findings. Quote “That Westhaus is a hell of a guy. You owe him your life. “


“Because of a family history of breast cancer, my gynaecologist referred me to the Radiological Surgery, DiVoCare, for an MRI of my breast. The findings from a mammography and ultrasound examination were not conclusive diagnostically because of my very large breasts. The MRI in the 3.0 Tesla scanner showed a tiny tumour (3 mm) in my breast. The findings were held up to ridicule at the official breast centre, and I was criticised in a very unpleasant way for having had the MRI done. Even at the University Hospital they were very surprised that an aggressive tumour was diagnosed after a sample had been taken following the scan. It was only because of Dr. Westhaus’s support that I insisted on the sample being taken. Because the tumour was still in its early stages, I was probably spared an unimaginable ordeal.”


When I last visited my family doctor in November 2008, for my regular check-up for cancer, there was no evidence of a malignant tumour. Because I had been suffering from very bad pains in my back, I had been receiving physiotherapy for many months. In spite of intensive treatment, the symptoms did not improve, so I decided to consult DiVoCare. After an intensive preliminary consultation, with Dr. W. and the in-house orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Schw.M., a scan was made in an open MRI unit because of my claustrophobia. The result was devastating and showed a tumour in an advanced stage along the whole of my spine. Thanks to the solicitous medical care and the personal dedication of the doctors, I have always remained optimistic, even if the prognosis is still not good. Dr. H. has been a tower of strength for me. She was always willing to listen to my worries and fears.

Thanks to her insistence, I was able to satisfy my last wish to travel.