Screening for breast cancer / Magnetic Resonance of the breast (MRI) / MR – mammography

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. In Germany almost 70.000 women develop breast cancer per year. Conventional x-ray – mammography is regarded as the gold standard with respect to screening for breast cancer, but this diagnostic procedure has its methodical limitations. MRI of the breast is a better option especially for younger women with „dense“ mammographic breast tissue. At the Radiological Institution DiVoCare high resolution MRI is used for early detection of breast cancer and thus set a new standard in reliability and comfort.

MRI of the breast is recommanded for all women

  • with abnormal or palpable findings
  • with a family history of breast cancer (mother, sister – high risk patients)
  • who are over the age of 50 and are therefore entitled to take part in the nationwide breast cancer screening program ( conventional mammography for women between 50 and 69 years of age)
  • who are not covered by the breast cancer screening program, they should also consider taking part in a breast cancer prevention program. More than 30% of all breast cancers develops in women who are younger than 50 or older than 69 years of age
  • with a mammographically proven breast cancer before surgical intervention for optimal preoperative refinement and therefore improvement of the prognosis


What’s special about DiVo Care’s breast MRI?  

Thanks to our 3 Tesla MRI scanner we are able to detect tumors in very early stages smaller than 5mm even within „dense“ breast tissue. This results cannot be attained using either conventional mammography or ultrasound.

Maximum comfort

Many women experience a high level of discomfort during a conventional mammagraphy because it is necessary to squeeze the breast severly. At DiVoCare a radiation free MRI unit is used to scan the breast without any discomfort and free of pain during the exmination with excellent informative value.